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Florida requires all food service employees to be trained on proper food handling and hygiene practices. Only division-approved training programs are accepted as meeting the training requirement. At least one certified manager is required for every public food service establishment. Each manager has 30 days from the date of hire to become properly certified and must recertify every five years.


New Requirement for Food Service Employee Training Certificates and Cards

Rule 61C-4.023, F.A.C., requires each certificate and card issued by third-party food service employee training providers to include the provider number assigned by the division and the certificate number of certified food manager responsible for providing the training. For training delivered through interactive distance learning, the certified food manager listed on the certificate and card should be the same certified food manager responsible for maintaining and updating the interactive distance learning program. Chapter 509.049, F.S., also requires the certificate and card to include the employee’s name and date of birth, the employing food service establishment, the name of the certified food manager who conducted the training, the training date, and the certification expiration date.


Training your store manager and staff has always presented problems of scheduling and logistic.

Mandatory since 1st. January of 2001 the State of Florida requires the training and certification of the person in charge of a food establishment and all personnel that work with foodAt least one certified manager per facility. When four or more employees are present at an establishment, there must be one certified manger per shift.


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This private class can be combined with a Food Handler Class and certification.



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Open class General conditions: Pre-registration is mandatory for all our classes due to limited space.  Also this will allow us to ship your Food Manager book with time for your review (if you buy a book). There is no refund for any non-show or cancellations. You may send a replacement person if you notify us three (3) days prior to class or exam. You must have a cancellation confirmation number. In the event SHROrg should have the need to re-schedule, all applicants will be notified and will be able to assist same course on another date, with similar location. Please show up to class 15 minutes prior the schedule so we may begin timely. The Food Manager book  will be mailed as soon as payment is clear.