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Prevention is better than Correction

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Health Inspection & Food Sanitation Consulting


Welcome to Statewide Hotels & Restaurants

Org, Consulting and Inspection Division.


We provides food manufacturers, restaurants, caterers and retailers with consulting, testing, auditing, research and training services that help assure quality, safety and nutrition. We are recognized for our expertise in delivering accurate information in a timely manner that help identify operational problems, anticipate areas of concern, and institute practical controls associated with food safety and quality risks. Statewide Hotels & Restaurants Org is a privately owned company that is part of Statewide Consulting Services USA Corp. We serving clients worldwide, and we are internationally accredited food testing and consulting.


In today’s global food industry, going above and beyond the norm to achieve the highest standards of quality is no longer an exception to the rule; it is an integral component of sustained growth and brand protection. If your food quality systems are a step behind, the distance between you and your competitors can be immense.

The SCS Product Assessment & Quality Systems Audit provides an expanded review of a food plant's programs and procedures. Using your quality management systems as the basis, our trained Auditors can verify the performance of key quality parameters in your operating processes and finished product assessments.


Distribution Center Criteria

SCS Standards for Food Safety, Good Manufacturing Practices

Requirements for Distribution Centers were developed for food distribution centers to use in the development and assessment of their food safety and quality programs. These standards contain the criteria and scoring method utilized during a SCS Distribution Center Audit.
  • GMP / Food Safety Systems Audit
  • Prerequisite Program Reviews & Development
    Prerequisite programs universal steps or procedures that are designed to create a favorable environment for the production of safe food are required for the successful implementation of a Hazard
    Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. Through unrivaled expertise, SCS consultants can benchmark your programs against recognized industry best practices to identify and correct deficiencies.
  • Certification Services
  • Distribution Center Audits
  • Quality Systems Audit
  • Vendor Certification Programs
    Business trends in the food industry expansion, acquisitions, outsourcing, use of comanufacturers, costs reductions affect how food safety is managed throughout your supply chain. These decisions impact your profits and loses, which can include loss due to quality variations, shortened shelflife, or in worst case, recalls.
    Statewide Consulting Services can help you verify the commitment of your suppliers to the production of safe, quality foods through the design, implementation, and maintenance of a cost effective Vendor Certification Program (VCP).
  • Audit Award
    It is a pleasure for SCS work with you Company, the total amount that include a full inspection with correction if necessary. After the previous pre inspection already done and the SCS Award that show you are in compliance and your business is safe and approved by our standards you will know that we are the right choice.
  • Health Inspection & Food Sanitation Consulting.
    The private inspections offer an immediate option, and generate prevention and sanctions and wards off sanctions and fines.
    Establishments require an additional security education program and many times enjoy the reduction of security tariffs because of responsibility. The revision of a third person of the security of ingredients allows greater credibility on a personal level and increases the interest to protect your scores and reputation. Keeping your team involved is fundamental in an industry of so much growth and which public protection is requires more than governmental health inspections.

We are a company dedicated to the business of sanitation? Security. We are aware of our responsibility ... and our responsibility is to help you protect your business!  A business prepared for any inspection UNANNOUNCED!


You know very well that your business undergoes periodic inspections...You can normally expect that..But have you ever thought of a dissatisfied client? Or an annoyed competitor?
The Department of Health SHOULD visit your establishment within a period of 48 hours..! 
Are you prepared?

Would you leave your values exposed like that? There are many areas in your establishment that may not be receiving ALL your attention.
Our job is to assess all the areas so that you are not left exposed and unprotected.
Our experience will prove invaluable if this were ever to happen...and your security and responsibility will be less.
Consult us now regarding what you need!
Do not hesitate; we are here to protect your license.