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Business Licensing & Permits


We are specialized in expediting licenses and permit


Opening or transferring a business requires obtaining licenses for alcohol and for operations to be in compliance with the law.


Applying for a liquor license or any license for a restaurant, a place with food or beverage, is complicated, expensive, and confusing process. Unfortunately, many applicants do not take into consideration obtaining their permits at the time expected, resulting in a great cost to them.


Many times they are frightened of the enormous quantity of requisites and paperwork that is necessary to complete the requisites of the state, the county, and the city.


Incorrect proceedings will slow you down and cost you a significant amount of money...


If you are or try to avoid this situation, you may need a professional consultant company specialized in expediting food and beverages licenses and permits for supermarkets, hotels and restaurants on cities, counties, state and federal level.


We have the solution for the requisites, application process, practicality report, coordination of inspections and consultation of the specific cost of the licenses you need.


Get ahead of the difficulties and save money and time by using our experience in the process!


For a solution that is safe and effective, contact us: 305 748 8276 or 



Our services:


Beer/wine license.

Catering License.

City Business tax receipt.

City Certificate of Use.

City Outside Seating permits.

City & County permit expediter.

             City & State opening inspections coordination and pre-inspections.

Convenience store license.

Liquor license (4COP, SRX, APS, TEMPORARY, etc.).

Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicles license.

Restaurant license.

Restaurant plan review.

State Sales Tax application.

Supermarket license.

Tobacco license.


We provide the certification necessary to yours employees to be approved as a state requirement.


You will have a job well done, saving you time and complications. We will be present in the interview with the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco and you will be incredibly satisfied with our service.

If you find yourself in the process of buying or selling an alcohol permit, if you are opening a Restaurant, bar, or nightclub, remove the frustrations and contact us.


For more information contact us: 305 748 8276 or 



You will never have to attend or present yourself.

We do everything for you.