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What do you need to know

about the 

Responsible Vendor Program?


·        What is a Responsible Vendor Program?

A formal training program for employees of licensed establishments to learn about responsible service practices and the laws governing the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. The purpose of the program is to reduce underage drinking and prevent alcohol-related accidents.


·        What information gives the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco about the Responsible Vendor Training?

Responsible vendor training is a program offered to servers at bars and restaurants.

Instruction is provided by private vendors who present course materials and encourage good management policy formation. Vendors learn the laws and policies regarding serving underage patrons and serving intoxicated patrons. The effects of the training include fewer underage sales of alcohol, fewer DUI fatalities in states where training is offered, and more successful compliance with state statutes on the part of servers, who are more professional and knowledgeable when serving alcohol to patrons. Vendors who successfully complete training and maintain compliance may receive a reduction in their liability insurance premiums.  


The Florida Statutes that pertain to Responsible Vendor Training are Chapter 561.701, 561.702, 561.703, 561.705, and 561.706.


  • Penalty for the service or sale of alcoholic beverages to a minor or drug activity.






From July 1st. 2010, the HB 33 increases the criminal penalty for anyone who is caught repeatedly selling, giving or serving alcohol to minors would be subject to a First-Degree Misdemeanor on the Second Offense.

Sale / Service to or Consumption by a Minor

1st Offense

$ 1000

7 - Day

2nd Offense

$ 3000

30 - Day

3rd Offense


Drug Activity on Premises

1st Offense






Statewide Hotels & Restaurants

Administers a Responsible Vendor Program,  an annual plan to protect your business,

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 QUARTERLY TRAINING, affordable and tailored to your business,

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Educating your employees is the best way to not compromise your license and

to prevent putting your business at risk. 

The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco (ABT) recommends participation in this

type of program to be qualified as a Responsible Vendor and obtain mitigation.  



We Come to You


 and up to 6 months to pay... No interest


*(see terms)






more info:

B.A.T.T (BEVERAGE ALCOHOL TOBACCO TRAINING) is a training program designed to qualify and educate the team in your establishment in order to comply with the requirements demanded by Florida state laws.



The training is a program that allows permit holders to avoid (in the first case) administrative fines as a person qualified as a Responsible Vendor before a violation. This qualification offers an Exception to the standard suspension or revocation of your license for selling, serving, or consuming alcohol by minors in your establishment.


Even if you ALREADY rely on a provider for Responsible Vendor Training, SHR Org can usually help you to save a considerable amount of money and deliver the dynamic training you’ve been expecting.


You can receive the training at the comfort of your business, at your convenience. The duration of the training is little more than an hour and is an open forum for the concerns of you and your team: State Law, Local Law, and policies of your establishment. Saving is another benefit. Many insurance companies will decrease (with pleasure) the cost of your obligatory liquor liability insurance once you qualify as a Responsible Vendor.


The statute of Florida (FS561) requires employees to go through the educational program 3 times a year, maintaining precise records of every employee and updates to be in compliance with the Statute.


The program also requires that each new employee be qualified in the safe procedures to observe under the license.  He or she must complete training in 15 days' time frame since their date of hiring (manager) and 30 days for every employee who is not a manager. ALL employees must complete an update of the course and exam every four months. The training includes everything that is necessary for you and your license to be in compliance with the Statute of Florida.


This is the best way to protect your investment!




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